City of Henderson Detention Center Inmate Search

eBAIL provides an inmate search tool to be used by various law enforcement agencies and the general public for prisoners of the Henderson Detention Center. The Henderson Detention Center is the smallest of the detention facilities in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area, and is located in downtown Henderson between Water Street and Texas Avenue.

The inmate search tool can be used to locate and find information about any prisoner that is a resident of the Henderson Detention Center. The inmate must have completed the booking process, and be in permanent custody at the facility for information to be available for a specified prisoner. There are several ways to look for this information.

Henderson Detention Center Inmate Search


Using the Inmate Search Tool

To have access to the Henderson Detention Center inmate search tool, a user must have access to the Internet. Once the tool is found, one can look for the information they desire by using the prisoner’s last name. If a computer with Internet access isn’t readily available, eBAIL provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week customer care hot line to assist those attempting to gain information about specific prisoners. The friendly and courteous staff at eBAIL can provide the same information over the phone that a user might be searching for as when using their online portal.

Searching by Last Name

The most efficient and effective way of finding out information about someone that is in the custody of the Henderson Detention Center, is by using their last name. The most specific results will be returned if a user enters the complete last name, spelled correctly. If the correct spelling or complete last name is unavailable, results can be found in a much broader return. At a minimum, two to three letters of the prisoner’s last name have to be used to get any information from the site.

Remember, only inmates who have been completed booked into the detention center will show up on the system. To reduce having to review multiple records, it is recommended that the complete last name of the inmate is used, and even then, if there are multiple prisoners with the same last name, results for all of those prisoners will be returned as a result.

Searching Over the Phone

If it is easier to simply pick up a telephone and ask for the information one might be looking for, eBAIL is always available to provide information for inmates of the Henderson Detention Center. The round the clock number is 702-608-2245. Any information that can be found using the online tool can also be requested and given using the telephone system with eBAIL. Their staff understands that time is of the essence, and will do everything in their collective power to provide the most accurate, up to date information.

Henderson Detention Center Inmate Search


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