The City of Las Vegas Detention Center has established a set of inmate policies that are to be followed by both the inmate and the public. These policies are set up for the protection and safety of all Detention Center personnel, prisoners, and visitors to the facility.

Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Policies

Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Policies

Processing and Bail for City of Las Vegas Inmates

Once arrested, prisoners are brought to the detention center and processed. It is a lengthy process and can take up to four hours to complete, sometimes longer depending on incoming prisoner volume. During the booking of arrestees, they are fingerprinted, photographed, personal property is inventoried and documented, and are given a medical examination by detention center medical personnel to determine if any accommodations need to be made. By calling 702-229-6460, bail information can be obtained.

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Inmate Visitation Rules and Hours

As per policies, visitors to the detention center are required to abide by rules for access to prisoners. The prisoner must submit a list of their visitors for approval, including their full name and date of birth. Appropriate clothing must be worn, and visitors cannot have been former inmates of the facility within the past six months or felons, have warrants, be on probation or parole, under the influence, or pose a threat. Hours and days of visitation are dictated by the City of Las Vegas and vary depending on the unit the prisoner is in, along with their sex, and the day of the week.

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Legal Visits

Appointments for visits can be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Visitation hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hours vary, so call 702-229-1786 for times. Legal visitors must receive approval prior to their visitation.

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Inmate Mail Rules

Prisoners are allowed to receive mail, by means of letter form correspondence only. No packages, photos, etc. are permitted via the City of Las Vegas policies. To send mail, include the prisoner’s name, id#, and mail to the City of Las Vegas Detention Center.

Las Vegas Detention Center

Las Vegas Detention Center

Placing Money In Inmates Accounts

Facility policies allow for credit/debit cards to be used to place money on a prisoner’s account using either an online or phone system. Cash can be deposited at the facility using an on-site kiosk. Funds become available within 24 hours.

Property Release

A form must be filled out and signed by the prisoner to allow the release of any property, including funds for posting bail. The same policies are applied when an outsider requests prisoner property to be released.

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City of Las Vegas Inmate Release Information

Release times are not issued due to safety concerns. Males are let go on First Street and Lewis Avenue. Women are released at the same location during the day. After dark, females are let go at City Hall.

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Inmate Policies Las Vegas Detention Center

Inmate Policies Las Vegas Detention Center